Using Google for Example Photos

This video is still in the making and will be completed in a few days. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Log into your Gmail account and click on the menu as shown by the arrow. Next, click on the Google Drive icon.

Once you are in Google Drive, click on new in the left-hand menu.

Then click on folder.

Enter a folder name. Make it something easy for you to understand, such as Sample photos for wedding shoot or Sample photos for the portrait shoot, etc.

Once the folder is credited, go to the folder and upload all the sample photos.

Next right click on the folder name and then click on the Get link.

Make sure that Anyone with the link option is selected. Don't worry. People with this link can only see the photos in this folder and nothing else.

Finally, copy the link and paste it into the text box.

To test the link is working and only the example ottos are visible, open a new browser ( such as Safari or Firefox) WITHOUT logging in and then paste the link. You should be able to see the photos. This is exactly what everyone else will also see.

This concludes this video. Thanks for watching.